Asphalting Uniting Church Kardinya

In the early morning eight trucks filled with asphalt were on route as we resurfaced the carparks of the Untied Church in Kardinya.

To Begin

The crew first inspected the area for defects and cracks that may cause a problem and patched any potholes and cleaned and sprayed the carpark down with sealer. Once the patches and cracks were fixed, in came the first truck to fill the paver with asphalt. We started on the edges around the front carpark and worked from the drive-way and around the drains. The areas that couldn’t fit the paver required shovelling of the asphalt by hand. Once the edges were rolled, it went much smoother as the paver could quickly fill the interior.

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The Driveway

After lunch, the crew moved onto the side driveway that leads to the rear of the building. The paver was able to easily move up while the rollers levelled and compacted the fresh asphalt. One of the main aspects of resurfacing asphalt, is to make sure it is going to last once it is laid down. Do do this, we ensure the asphalt is laid down fast and rolled while it is hot. This guarantees the granules to bind and hold once the asphalt cools and prevent it from lifting and becoming brittle. This technique also helps to make sure the asphalt lasts longer and can hold up to high traffic conditions.

Asphalt steam roller

With the back carpark squared, we were able to finished the asphalting in the rear quickly. Eight loads of asphalt later, we finished. Next up is to line mark the carpark. It is essential to let the fresh asphalt settle for a week, so that the oils soak in and doesn’t dis-colour the line marking. An update on the finished job in next post.

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