Asphalt and bitumen services

ABC offer complete Asphalt & Bitumen Services

At Asphalt & Bitumen Contracting we offer a complete asphalt resurfacing service from asphalt cutting, repairing, relaying and new lay from scratch. We have the knowledge and know how to get the job done right, at the right price and on time. We can provide different options and cater to all requirements.

Offering Services For


New Lay, Resurfacing, Repairs, Linemarking, Speed humps, Wheelchair ramps


New Lay, Resurfacing, Repairs, Linemarking, Speed humps


Asphalt & Bitumen Driveways

Quality workmanship assured.

Our Services

Road Base

Main Roads Standard

New Lay

Asphalt / Bitumen


Renew with a fresh coat

Carpark / Speed Humps

Also includes wheelchair ramps


Potholes, cracks, worn surfaces


*Asphalt & Bitumen Only

Linemarking & Kerbing

From start to finish incld. linemarking

Asphalt Cutting & Trenching

Includes: electrical, irrigation, tree root removal

High Quality Road Base

You can think of road base as the foundations of any surface and if not done correctly, will effect everything that sits on-top and effect the overall quality of the job. This is why it is essential to have the highest quality road base and experienced installation to make sure the surface will last for its lifetime.  

New Lay Asphalt

ABC offer new lay asphalting, (from scratch asphalting) for commercial, residential, council and industrial industries.

We have over 20 years experience working within the asphalting industry and have experienced firsthand the importance of quality. We take pride in offering our clients the highest quality products and workmanship, so they can be assured they'll have a surface that will last its lifetime.

If anything, one thing we have learnt over the years is New Lay is only as good as its base. 

We offer complete asphalting services and the quality of our Road Base product and installation is 2nd to none as we pride ourselves on using products and methods inline with Main Roads Standards.

Asphalt Resurfacing

ABC offers Asphalt & Bitumen Resurfacing for Commercial, Industrial, Council, Strata Blocks and Domestic locations. 

Our team is dedicated to producing quality work at the highest standard.

Carparks / Hardstands

ABC offers Main Roads Standard asphalting for Carparks and Hardstand Areas, so you get the most out of the product and can be assured it will last its lifetime against high traffic areas.

Carparks and hardstands are the most worn areas by vehicles, because sharp and slow turning pulls at the asphalt. 

We hold the highest standards when it comes to Carpark and Hardtsand Asphalting, using methods and products certified by Mains Roads. These guidelines have been laid out by the state to not only insure safety on all roads in WA, but also to ensure it longevity.

We also offer Linemarking.

Asphalt & Bitumen Driveways

ABC can make any asphalt or bitumen driveway for your commercial, industrial, residential residence. We customise driveways to your needs and make sure even residential areas are to standard sethighest standards, meaning; you'll be getting a better quality product, be more resilient to wear and tare and will last longer.

Asphalt & Bitumen Potholes & Repairs

ABC offers quality asphalt pothole and damage repairs. If you have cracks from tree roots, water damage or require any other asphalt repairs, ABC can fix and repair any asphalt problems.

We can remove tree roots, cut out damaged sections and seal cracks.

To ensure longer lasting repairs, exposed areas cut and are replaced and sealed. A quality asphalt mix is applied to stop further corrosion and a compression roller is used to ensure the repair will last longer and withstand frequent traffic areas.

Linemarking & Kerbing

On top of Asphalt and Bitumen services, we also offer Linemarking and Kerbing. ABC is one of a few companies that offer a start to finish services from laying base, asphalting, linemarking and kerbing.

We offer specialise in both semi-mountable and mountable kerbing.

By doing a full project with us, you can be rest assured you will have durable, high quality product from start to finish which will save you money in the long-run.

Asphalt Cutting & Trenching

Asphalt cutting and trenching is often required when driveways carparks and hardstands are laid and electrics and irrigation is required throughout the area.

We offer asphalt cutting, tree root removal and trenching. These services include resurfacing and compacting the removed asphalt.

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