Perth's Asphalting & Bitumen Contractors


We are one of the only companies in Perth that offer complete asphalting and bitumen services in one place, offering everything from roadbase to line marking.

We started Asphalt & Bitumen Contracting (ABC) with a vision to provide clients with quality workmanship and products that guarantee it will last its lifetime.

With over 20 years of experience, we realised one of the biggest problems in the asphalting industry is having no set standards for Non-road Surfaces.

Non-road Surfaces, such as carparks and driveways are often built using numerous products which vary in quality and workmanship and affect on the longevity of the surface. Variations in quality meant even though our work was to a high standard, we couldn't guarantee the quality of the other work and often defects such as cracking and potholes arose prematurely.

It was for this reason we decided to form ABC Perth, where we consolidated all aspects of the asphalting under one company, so we can guarantee our client's products and workmanship that will last its lifetime.

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